West Coast Standards

Things are about to change drastically. What you think you know about Skateboarding, Longboarding, Esk8 components and how things are done isn’t going to be accurate anymore.

New Decks- 38″ and 40″ Recoil Decks are coming. 3/4″ Radial Drop, slight “W” Concave 10.5″ Width, 9ply Maple. Handmade in Lake Forest CA.

New Trucks- Split angle, 243mm TKP’s with 1″ Hex hanger Ends. Moving forward with what we learned from Hexl we have completely redesigned new single piece T6 aluminum hangers with 10mm x 45mm Steel axles. Axles are Extended for 20mm bearing spacing in all of our new wheels and Riptide Bushings and pivots are stock. 35°, 40° and 45° baseplates available

New Mounts-Mount clamps were redesigned to fit the 1″ Hex shape of our hangers. New plates were also made with 72mm center to center belt tension. Mounts are fully adjustable and reverseable.

New Wheels- Completely new Sixshooter 6 x 2 Wheelhub Design! Still slightly offset, employing 10mm x 26mm bearings with 20mm bearing spacing for unreal side-load stability. New 6×3 outside wheelhubs. These Bolt to the inside 6×2 hub to make changing your tire set up from 6×2 to 6×3 as easy as changing a tire. Also eliminating the cost of buying a whole new wheel setup. You simply pay for the tires and outside hub piece and you have both 6×2 and 6×3 wheelsets. Even better! We have designed a pressfit hub for TB110 wheels that uses a 10x26mm bearing. It makes 20mm bearing spacing possible and works in unison with our truckset. All three wheels can be swapped without having to fumble around with pulley and wheel spacing.

Oh! And if all goes as planned, gear drives are coming too.

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